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Pharo Launcher at Pharocloud Image Store

Pharocloud Image Store got a new Image called "Pharo Launcher" which is very usefull if you develop or test directly on Pharocloud and you constantly need to switch between images. Pharo Launcher is a Pharo-based application allowing you to manage a list of images (download, rename, delete) and switch between them without aditional tools.

1. Starting Pharo Launcher

To start Pharo Launcher select the image at Pharocloud Image Store:

Connect to your appliance via VNC after it is restarted. You should see the interface of Pharo Launcher:

This interface shows Images you have downloaded on your appliance (left panel) and a repository of Images which you can download from (right panel). To get a new Image to your appliance just choose one from a repository, click "Create" and Pharo laucher will automatically download and install the image. To run the image just click on "Launch" option in the list of the images (left panel).

2. Switching between images

When you launch an image from the Laucher interface it will quit the Launcher Image and run Pharo from Image you choose. To bring back the Launcher interface just exit the image and the appliance will restart to the defaults.

3. Switching permanently to an image

Please notice that after a reboot system will load Pharo Launcher by default. For instance, if you worked with an image with HTTP server on and you reboot you appliance the server may stop working as the appliance is running the Launcher.

If you want permanently switch image you should manually edit /mnt/universe/image file to point it to an Image file you want to run from. This file is used by Pharocloud OS to initialize appliance after reboot. You may notice that it points to Pharo Laucher image by default.

You may change this file by a standard file edit tool available in almost any Pharo Image (File Broswer)

4. More on the subject

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