Pharo platform as a Service: put your Smalltalk web-application online at Pharocloud in just 3 clicks

Use Pharocloud as a platform for:

Seaside is the most powerful and innovative Smalltalk framework for the web. Host your own Seaside apps on Pharocloud!

AIDAweb is a Smalltalk web application framework used to build complex web applications with the latest seamlessly integrated HTML5 technologies for today's real-time web. MVC, REST, Mobile, WebSocket, you name it! In the meantime Pharocloud will help you with the hosting.

Redmine is a flexible project management system. Run your Redmine appliance on Pharocloud with in just 3 clicks!

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Pharo platform as a ServicePut your complex Smalltalk
applications online

Pharo — one of the most powerful system for rapid and professional creating of web applications. Pharocloud suggests an elegant solution for hosting of web applications, created with Pharo.

Our approach of appliance hosting and maintenance is the most flexible on the market: you are already provided with the pre-set virtual machine with running Pharo, where you are free to work with VNC.

Upload your project packages and start your own web applications very easily on Pharocloud. And one more exciting thing — your customary administrative and debug tools of your project are available directly in Workspace of Pharo on the Server!

Seaside, AIDAweb, Pier, etc. — anything that could be run on Pharo can be easily put online with Pharocloud!

Besides, Pharocloud offers the whole infrastructure for easy deploy of complex Pharo projects: databases, servers for static sources of web applications, etc. Just try it — you'll love it :)

Pharo starter

Run Pharo in cloud less than in a minute! Get your Virtual Machine with Pharo just for $2 per month, where any your appliance, applicable by the listed below limits might be deployed. This is a perfect option for you to start a project on Pharocloud. 3GB HDD, 256MB RAM, $2 per month.


Pharo PRO

Run Pharo in cloud less than in a minute! Get your Virtual Machine with Pharo just for $15 per month, where your appliance might be deployed. This is a perfect option for more complex projects and it differs from Pharo Starter offer with its higher HDD and RAM limits. 10GB HDD, 512MB RAM, $15 per month.


Postgre SQL

Run your database Postgres with in just several clicks! 5GB HDD, 256MB RAM, $10 per month.


Mongo DB

Mongo DB (from "humongous") is an open-source document database and the leading NoSQL database. MongoDB appliance is also available for you to use with Pharocloud! 5GB HDD, 256MB RAM, $10 per month.


Static Assets

This Appliance is built for Pharo projects to hold the resources of web applications. Accessible through webdav protocol you may upload the assets of your applications programmatically or with a special software.



You pay only if you are happyStep /

Sign up on Pharocloud, choose your Virtual Machine and run it absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.
Here you go! It becomes available to you right after start within just several minutes.

7-days trial period allows you to check out the productivity of the system for future use.

If you are completely satisfied with our services, you will be required to pay for further operation with Pharocloud. Relevant prices are exhibited individually.

We love opensource

We are truly excited with non-commercial opensource projects made on Smalltalk. If you are participated in such a project, please contact us at in order to discuss special terms of cooperation.